Help Center

How do I log in?

You can log in by following this link or by simply entering into your browser’s address bar.

How can I view the presentations later?

You can view all of the presentations, including a recording of the live panel, on-demand March 25-April 7. Simply log in the same way you did today at

What will I have access to during the On-Demand period?

Mostly everything. You will not be able to chat live with showcase sponsors, but you will be able to view the showcases, watch all presentations and a recording of the live panel, watch the Reel Quick Tips, and access the Breakaway Buys.

According to the schedule, the presentation should have started, but I can’t click the button. What should I do?

Either refresh the page or click to the Hub and back to the Presentations.

The running text at the bottom of the page moves too fast, how can I slow it down?

Hover over any of the text to make it stop. Move your cursor and it will start again.

What do the different colors mean in the chat?

Black – NBM Staff
Blue – Sponsor
Green – Attendee
Purple – Non-Participating Supplier
Red – Admin

How can I move the chat window?

Click the icon in the top right corner in the chat title bar to move the window below the presentation or showcase.

Can I private-message people?

Yes, click on their names and a new tab will appear in the chat window. This message will only be seen by this person.